my dear~~

Go to sleep my dear one
Close your pretty eyes
I don't expect some happy dream
I know it's from nightmares you hide

But love, the circles beneath your eyes
Are just not fading away
You need to rest a little while
Yes, I'm here to stay

I won't leave you in the night
Won't leave you all alone
To face the endless terrors
That your mind makes its home

Please don't fight this anymore
Stop shaking yourself awake
I'll hold you in my arms, darling
When you scream and quake

Cover yourself with blankets
And let your precious head
Fall back onto the pillows
Of your cloudlike bed

I know the silence screams to you
Of dark and future things
But I'll try to block it out, my pet
As to you, sweet, I'll sing

A lullaby composed for you
From the fingers of my hands
To guide you through the storms of life
Into my arms again

As you breathe a heavy sigh
Let conciousness slip away
I will kiss you sweetly
One last promise I will say

Go to sleep my dear one
Close your pretty eyes
And everything will be different
Life holds one more surprise...
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