Hurmm..dah lama betol eyra x update blog ni…tah la..nk kata eyra bz x juga..mungkin kerana terlampau leka dengan poker..omg!!” now im realize.*.gotta no life*playing poker 24hours…hurmm..wut I just need is study..study..study for my spm next year…tetiba teringat pulak pesanan nizam..sas.. napi..selalu berpesan supaya jangan leka berpoker..thanks guys!!..lov u all..
Bercerita pasal poker ni..banyak pengalaman yg eyra dapat sebenarnya…dipoker eyra kenal ramai org ..malah buddy poker eyra lebih ramai dari friends fb eyra…hehe..poker juga banyak mengajar eyra ape tu kehidupan(sayang..benci..sakit hati..meluat..belagak..cinta!!oohh noo..(rahsia)..kecewa..abang..kakak..adik??..tp rasa2 eyra yg paling kecik kot kat poker land)..
Boleh dikatakan hampir tiap-tiap hari eyra berpoker!!..(tak patut)..malah pro 50m yg eyra dapat mmg patut dengan masa yg” merugikan” untuk bermain poker…”now I realize how stupid i'm!!’..HURMM..
Mulai dari hari ini..atas kesedaran..dan nasihat dari nizam..napi.. sas...eyra rasa eyra dah sedar..bahawa study pilihan yang tepat…poker..just for fun.(tak perlu sampai “addic”)..oooyyyeaaah..eyra boleh!!!

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my dear~~

Go to sleep my dear one
Close your pretty eyes
I don't expect some happy dream
I know it's from nightmares you hide

But love, the circles beneath your eyes
Are just not fading away
You need to rest a little while
Yes, I'm here to stay

I won't leave you in the night
Won't leave you all alone
To face the endless terrors
That your mind makes its home

Please don't fight this anymore
Stop shaking yourself awake
I'll hold you in my arms, darling
When you scream and quake

Cover yourself with blankets
And let your precious head
Fall back onto the pillows
Of your cloudlike bed

I know the silence screams to you
Of dark and future things
But I'll try to block it out, my pet
As to you, sweet, I'll sing

A lullaby composed for you
From the fingers of my hands
To guide you through the storms of life
Into my arms again

As you breathe a heavy sigh
Let conciousness slip away
I will kiss you sweetly
One last promise I will say

Go to sleep my dear one
Close your pretty eyes
And everything will be different
Life holds one more surprise...
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valentine's day~~

Jemand fragte mich, was ist die Liebe
ist es gut, ist es schlecht
es ist genial, es ist schrecklich
I didnt wissen, wie ehrlich zu beantworten.
Ich habe schließlich desided die Liebe ist die komplizierteste aller Emotionen
Liebe ist eine Art
Liebe ist hart
Liebe ist wunderbar
Liebe ist schrecklich
Liebe ist eine Heilung
Liebe ist eine Krankheit
Liebe ist die Liebe
Liebe Hass
Liebe ist sinnvoll
Liebe ist sinnlos
Liebe zeigt das Beste aus den Menschen
Liebe zeigt die Menschen in schlechter
Liebe macht uns zu sprechen Wahrheit
Liebe macht uns liegen
Liebe kann alles verstehen
Liebe verwirrt alle
Liebe baut Ihr Leben
Tränen der Liebe dein Herz nach
Liebe macht Lächeln
Liebe macht dich weinen
Liebe macht uns kuscheln
Liebe macht uns zu treffen
Liebe regiert die Welt
Liebe macht die Welt nach Absturz
Liebe macht die Dinge einfach
Liebe macht es unmöglich
Liebe ist immer lohnt sich
Liebe ist nie lohnt sich
Liebe macht uns schlauer
Liebe macht uns zu dumm
Liebe ist aufschlussreich!
Liebe ist blind
make love not war
Krieg aus Liebe
Liebe ermutigt
Liebe Angst
Liebe ist friedlich
Liebe schafft Kämpfe
Liebe ist beruhigend
Liebe ist hart ...
und vor allem
Die Liebe ist immer wert, denn Sie werden ein besserer Mensch immer Sie gerne jemanden aus der einfachste Pflege für einen Freund zu der tiefsten Wunsch zu lieben jemand bis Ende der Welt von der bedingungslosen Liebe eines Kindes zu der komplizierten Liebe der Götter ist. .. keine Bedeutung zu lieben .. Liebe ist alles ... Egal, wie sehr es schmerzt Sie, oder machen Sie schreien versucht Ihre spirt, und teilt Ihre soul.Love ist es wert ... weil das, was doenst töten Sie macht stärker und wie lange dauert es wird, einen besseren Menschen, weil Sie lebte, obwohl love.Werent Angst, Fehler zu machen, Entscheidungen treffen und versuchen again.And ... vor allem, liebte jemand, egal, was die Menschen thought.You sterben würde für ..., dass die Person, aber Sie würden auch für die leben-euch.das ... ist die wahre Bedeutung der Liebe ...
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About love~~~

Someone asked me what is love
is it good, is it bad
is it awesome, is it terrible
I honestly didnt know how to answer them.
I finally desided love is the most complicated of all emotions
Love is kind
love is harsh
love is wonderful
love is terrible
love is a cure
love is a sickness
love is LOVE
love is hate
love is meaningful
love is pointless
love shows the best in people
love shows the worse in people
love makes us speak truth
love makes us lie
love understands everything
love confuses everyone
love builds your life
love tears your heart down
love makes you smile
love makes you cry
love makes us cuddle
love makes us hit
love makes the world go round
love makes the world go crashing down
love makes things simple
love makes things impossible
love is always worth it
love is never worth it
love makes us smarter
love makes us stupid
love is enlightening!
love is BLIND
make love not war
make war out of love
love encourages
love scares
love is peaceful
love creates fights
love is soothing

love is tough...
and above all
Love is always worth it because you become a better person everytime you love someone from the simplest careing for a friend to the deepest desire to love someone til the world ends from the unconditional love of a child to the complicated love of the gods there is...no meaning to love..love means...everything No matter how much it hurts you, or makes you cry tries your spirt, and splits your soul.Love is always worth it...because what doenst kill you makes you stronger And however long it takes you will be, a better person because you lived, though love.Werent afraid to make mistakes, choices and try again.And...above all, loved someone no matter what people thought.You would die for that person...but you would also live for them.That...is the true meaning of love...
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The great love that I have give to you..
We share our happy time..
And our sad moment together…
And be with us in heart and soul..
When we are need…

We end our relationship..
Because our life was so boring..
You always busy…
You do not care about me…
You just ignore me…
I was deeply in sadness with you..

I give you a chance..
No matter what gonna happen…
I never give up on you…
I accept you as you are…
I keep you close in my heart..
I love you as who you are…

I think if we continue our relationship..
We can make our life goes better..
And make it brighter…

You do not appreciate that chance…
You are so foolish and selfish..
You do not give a true love for me..

Please open up your heart..
Please open up your soul..
I am still crazily in love with you…

I am sincerely want you to understand that…
I tell the truth ,I think this is the end..
The tears will be past..
Let bygone be bygone..
Please leave me alone..
I am happy in my new life as a single..
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As a teenager, I am glad to be alive…sometimes my life is so exciting but at other times it can be boring..Teenage years are years of change a movement from childhood to adolescence from the familiar to the unfamiliar…Even though it is a time for exploring, and adapting to new experience ,it can be frightening… As we grow up ,we want to feel free to exercise rational thought and free will…we grow and change differently!!you are right where you are supposed to be!! if we show kindness to someone less fortunate than ourselves or help our mother with housework…it is because we really want to do it and not because we forced to do it!!!

As a teenager, sometimes wish that we knew everything and had the answer to every question…In reality ,I know it will never happen!!The truth is, every day of my life, there is something more to learn, something more to understand and explore something that will motivate and inspire me to be a better human being…cewahhhh!!!This makes life exciting and worthwhile and I look forward to the breaking of new dawn….

Sometimes we feel damn hurt ,awkward and embarrassed when we make a remark that is not meant to be so funny, yet people laugh…Be confident in who you really are!!...we will extremely conscious of the opinions of other and have rather strong likes and dislikes…I believe other teenagers also think like me..hohoho…
As a teenager sometimes..we are in moody…sometimes it is not easy to explain why?..why ?because we not sure ourselves!!At other times we can feel eager to talk about serious things to our parents and teachers…huhuhu…but we can feel awkward and do not know where to begin!! I also feel that some days my parents control me as if I were still a child and yet on other days they seem to expect me to be more grown up than I really am…I’m stressed!!!erghhh…
I know my parents show their love for me in different ways…sometimes they are friendly and listen well.At times our parents show their love in ways we do not recognize easily…huhuhuh..

They often seem annoyed dissatisfied with our performance in school…They are always urging us to make more acceptable friends and to seek more out of life…I despair sometimes when I see my parents’s determination to make sure that I make more of my life than they have done….It is not easy to understand their attitude but I guess if I try to deeper ,I may begin to see the reasons for their behavior..When my parents ask a lot of questions and even seem to be checking up on me!!perhaps it is a sign that they care about us…hohoho..

Meanwhile ,we still exploring and ,still learning about life and about ourselves…We must enjoy our teenage years and make choices that will ensure a future for ourselves…Stand up for what is right but most of all,remember to have fun….Being teens only comes once in your life….So enjoyyyyy…yeayyy…heheheh

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Kenapa aku katakan aku penyayang…
Kerana aku sangat mencintaimu…
Sedangkan engkau menolak cintaku…

Kenapa aku katakan aku penyayang…
Kerana aku sering menjaga perasaanmu
Sedangkan engkau melukaiku...

Kenapa aku katakan aku penyayang…
Kerana aku sering merinduimu..
Sedang engkau semudah itu melupaiku..

Kenapa aku katakan aku penyayang…
Kerana aku melukis gambarmu dalam hatiku..
Sedangkan engkau padamkan memori indah bersamaku..

Kenapa aku katakan aku penyayang..
Kerana aku sering bersamamu..
Sedangkan engkau meninggalkanku..

Kenapa aku katakan aku penyayang…
Kerana aku punya hati dan perasaan..
Sedang engkau terus membisu…

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