The great love that I have give to you..
We share our happy time..
And our sad moment together…
And be with us in heart and soul..
When we are need…

We end our relationship..
Because our life was so boring..
You always busy…
You do not care about me…
You just ignore me…
I was deeply in sadness with you..

I give you a chance..
No matter what gonna happen…
I never give up on you…
I accept you as you are…
I keep you close in my heart..
I love you as who you are…

I think if we continue our relationship..
We can make our life goes better..
And make it brighter…

You do not appreciate that chance…
You are so foolish and selfish..
You do not give a true love for me..

Please open up your heart..
Please open up your soul..
I am still crazily in love with you…

I am sincerely want you to understand that…
I tell the truth ,I think this is the end..
The tears will be past..
Let bygone be bygone..
Please leave me alone..
I am happy in my new life as a single..
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2 Response to " "

  1. b@bi gOlek says:
    4 Februari 2009 9:07 PG

    ive link ur blog to mine..

  2. ezzeyra says:
    11 Februari 2009 7:29 PTG

    thx daha..:)

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