As a teenager, I am glad to be alive…sometimes my life is so exciting but at other times it can be boring..Teenage years are years of change a movement from childhood to adolescence from the familiar to the unfamiliar…Even though it is a time for exploring, and adapting to new experience ,it can be frightening… As we grow up ,we want to feel free to exercise rational thought and free will…we grow and change differently!!you are right where you are supposed to be!! if we show kindness to someone less fortunate than ourselves or help our mother with housework…it is because we really want to do it and not because we forced to do it!!!

As a teenager, sometimes wish that we knew everything and had the answer to every question…In reality ,I know it will never happen!!The truth is, every day of my life, there is something more to learn, something more to understand and explore something that will motivate and inspire me to be a better human being…cewahhhh!!!This makes life exciting and worthwhile and I look forward to the breaking of new dawn….

Sometimes we feel damn hurt ,awkward and embarrassed when we make a remark that is not meant to be so funny, yet people laugh…Be confident in who you really are!!...we will extremely conscious of the opinions of other and have rather strong likes and dislikes…I believe other teenagers also think like me..hohoho…
As a teenager sometimes..we are in moody…sometimes it is not easy to explain why?..why ?because we not sure ourselves!!At other times we can feel eager to talk about serious things to our parents and teachers…huhuhu…but we can feel awkward and do not know where to begin!! I also feel that some days my parents control me as if I were still a child and yet on other days they seem to expect me to be more grown up than I really am…I’m stressed!!!erghhh…
I know my parents show their love for me in different ways…sometimes they are friendly and listen well.At times our parents show their love in ways we do not recognize easily…huhuhuh..

They often seem annoyed dissatisfied with our performance in school…They are always urging us to make more acceptable friends and to seek more out of life…I despair sometimes when I see my parents’s determination to make sure that I make more of my life than they have done….It is not easy to understand their attitude but I guess if I try to deeper ,I may begin to see the reasons for their behavior..When my parents ask a lot of questions and even seem to be checking up on me!!perhaps it is a sign that they care about us…hohoho..

Meanwhile ,we still exploring and ,still learning about life and about ourselves…We must enjoy our teenage years and make choices that will ensure a future for ourselves…Stand up for what is right but most of all,remember to have fun….Being teens only comes once in your life….So enjoyyyyy…yeayyy…heheheh

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3 Response to " "

  1. Macmilan says:
    2 Februari 2009 1:11 PTG

    wow....meluah perasaan..

  2. ezzeyra says:
    3 Februari 2009 5:16 PTG

    eyra berkata...bulan?

  3. Safwan Mazlan says:
    18 Februari 2009 10:20 PTG

    whoa eyra! nice expression of thoughts!

    and your english is not that bad ok! sweet =)

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